Welcome to the wild world of exotic beer and big beer rescue. No matter how crazy you think the beer world is, with each new brewery, it seems to get wilder and wilder. And the beer fest scene is no different. Take Sprung! for instance. First it was in April. Then June. Then on hold. And now? Who knows. But I have some news for all my little kitty cats out there.

You smart little smarties. You know who you are. You trend-setters. You early-adopters. You guys probably stayed home and kept corona-virus free, didn’t you? You are the elite group of people who bought your tickets early for Sprung! And like all things in life there is some good news and some not-so-good news.

The Not-So-Good:
• Sprung! will most likely not happen. In fact, it won’t happen this year. Too much uncertainty and we are not the “kick the can down the road” kind of people over here.

That’s it for the bad news. Now for the good!

The Good:
• Your Sprung! tickets will be valid for Grovetoberfest. No need to swap or anything like that. Your ticket is good.
• We will have more beer at G’Fest this year than ever before. More than any beer festival down here.
• By the time October rolls around we would have run through all of Netflix and Amazon Prime. So everyone will be itching to get out.
• We are bringing back the “Free Beer Tasting” pre-event events. If you’ve ever been then you’re excited. If you’ve never been, then don’t worry. Show up and be ready.

At G’fest we will make you fall in love with us like a misguided teen would fall in love with Joe Exotic. We will make your inhibitions disappear like Don Lewis. You’ll feel cooler than a bleach blonde mullet. And in the end, you’ll feel more complete because you came to Grovetoberfest and you used your Sprung! ticket to get in.

We are practiving social distancing x 10. So if you have any questions, please feel free to shoot us an email and use a fake name. You know, you got to keep that separation.

We love you all,
The Beer King




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